nervous rex


Model No. NR150
Size: 5.9 inches

Nervous typifies what every angler wants their bait to feel as a trophy fish closes in. The Nervous Rex is a lifelike twitchbait that typifies great side to side darting action, and has a tail that quivers in the stillest of environments with minimal current. Slits have been created on the top of the bait for weedless applications and on the bottom of the bait for hook setting purposes. Features include Tasty Scent, Seducing Action, and our perfect fish catching colors.

Green Pumpkin w/ Blk & Red Flake


Watermelon w/ Red Flake

Ghost w/ Silver Flake


Smokey Shad

Nervous Rex Hooks (Click on image to view hook page)

Weightless Swim

Twitch Bait
Ultrahead Round

Search Bait
Flashy Swimmer
Longtime television and radio show host, and founder of the prestigious OWNER HOOKS FISHING SCHOOLS,  Ronnie Kovach has filed a sizzling report on the newest  addition of the Owner Soft Bait collection, the NERVOUS REX. " When I first saw the initial prototype of this lure at the 2010 ICAST Show, I predicted it would be my single most potent soft bait in my saltwater arsenal come spring, 2011", proclaimed Kovach. "Well, I was right ! I just returned from an expedition fishing in relatively chilly 56 degree water off of Todos Santos Island in Baja. This lure singularly put fish after fish in my boat. Calico and sand bass, barracuda, myriad rockfish--they all ate the REX, or should I say DEVOURED IT ! I actually predicted that on my first cast on back to back days that I would nail a bass on this lure, ushering wall to wall action for the remainder of each day", says an excited Kovach.
" Look, I have a background in biology not just broadcasting and fishing", adds Ronnie. " I can say with great authority, this NERVOUS REX absolutely comes so very close to mimicing, replicating, and duplicating the size, shape, and especially  soft texture , color and swimming action of the indigenous baitfish in this part of the Pacific. The REX is the spittin' image of a large anchovy, sardine, smelt or grunion---all prime natural prey of gamefish in the Baja and further north to southern California. I fished the REX on assorted OWNER jig heads like the Sled Head, Ultra Head, and Darter Head depending on depth and current conditions. I casted, slow--drifted, and laced them on dropper loop rigs with red OWNER SSW hooks.  I fished them from the surface to below 200 foot depths.It didn't matter----all  angling combinations delivered with this imensely versatile soft plastic lure ! 
Great job OWNER design team with your NERVOUS REX. You have hit an "angling home run" in my book with this phenomenal new soft plastic lure!"

David Ashman of Tampa, FL caught this Bass with a Nervous Rex.