Photo Gallery

Fresh and saltwater anglers alike swear by the effectiveness of Owner hooks. Following is some actual evidence to back-up the claims that Owners hook 'em and hold 'em.
Mike Livingston landed this 405 lb. Yellowfin Tuna aboard the Vagabond using a 7/0 Super Mutu. This is the official all-tackle IGFA record for yellowfin tuna.
What a nice smallmouth! Susie Stafford employed a 5318 lightwire jig hook to land this beauty.
Capt Ken Zwirko displays his 58.5 lb. striper.

Western Outdoors News writer Brandon Hayward with one of his many yellowfin caught on an Owner Hook.
Congratualtions to the University of Central Florida for their victory at the Boat U.S. Collegiate Championship in Texas. Their quote,: " We are proud of our team and couldnt have done it without the support from our sponsors.  A special thanks to Owner Hooks for helping our club out and making the best hooks on the market."

Pro-Staffer Sergio Fainsztein landed this 14lb. baracuda using a 3/0 ST-66 Treble hook rigged on a surface iron.

Steve Carson shows off this beautiful rainbow trout landed with a mosquito hook.

A 3/0 ST-66 Treble hook helped subdue this amberjack for Brian Pyun.
Oscar Daccarett (blue visor) landed this 383 lb. Tuna during the 2009 WON Los Cabos Tournament. To date, this is the largest yellowfin ever weighed in Mexico.
Allen Cole used a ST-41 treble to land this nice 42 lb. striper.
Willard Yamaguchi used a 9/0 Jobu hook on this 57 lb.Dorado he caught in Mexico.
Geoffrey and Ted Cohen display their 254 lb. Yellowfin caught abord Magnifico out of Puerto Vallarta. The fish was landed with a 4/0 Gorilla hook.
Yes, Steve Ryan's hand is extended. Yes, this is still a nice Peacock Bass.
Danny Jackson tamed this Blue Jack down in Panama.

Owner Pro Steve Carson lands one of his many yellowtail on Owner Hooks.
Renown angler Ronnie Kovach with his IGFA line class record catch of this 97.9 amberjack in Baja CA.

Brandon Hayward used an 8/0 Aki Twist to land this beautiful white seabass in southern california.

Charlie Iwashita of San Diego (2nd from right) hooked 3 tuna over 300 lbs. aboard the American Angler. This monster was his biggest at 322 lbs. and was landed with a 7/0 Super Mutu. He also used a 5/0 Gorilla hook to bring in one of the "smaller" fish at 300+ lbs.
Greg and Dick Kondak trying out the Shimano Butterfly jig system along with Owner Dancing Stingers that were designed for the system.
Justin Elia of World Fishing Network displays this beauty that he landed on a SSW Cutting Point hook.
Owner Pro Staffer Doug Fields of Hunting Beach, CA has us wondering what is nicer, the fish or the background.
Steve Ryan with this beautiful Golden Dorado.
James Hasselberg of San Marcos used a Super Mutu to subdue this 354 lb. beast.
Wolfgang Bayer and crew used a Jobu hook to land this 644 lb. Blue marlin . The fight lasted 3-1/2 hours.
Travid Mattoon and a 3/0 ST-36 treble were responsible for catching this nice salmon.
Phil Woods displays this nice Golden Trevally.
Just another day at the office for Tim Juarez (right), a North West guide and Owner Pro-Staffer.

Not sure exactly what Santosh Shanmuga is doing with this 190 lb. Bluefin, but it makes for a very intriging photo. He used a 8/0 Gorilla and a Owner Hyperwire Split Ring to catch and release the fish.
Renowed angler Larry Dahlberg from "Hunt for Big Fish" went to Suriname to catch this moster catfish on a Super Mutu.

Terry Mulkey (right), with another satisfied customer.
Pro-Staffer Sergio Fainsztein with 2 georgeous yellowtails.
Larry Dahlberg again, this time with a mean looking tigerfish.
Jowe Vezzosi and his buddies after a great day of striper fishing.

Owner representative Randy Woolsey on the Wilson River in Oregon showing off another fine catch.
Jed Dickerson of Carlsbad, CA used an 8" swimbait rigged on an Owner 6/0 "Wide Gap Plus" hook to muscle this monster largemouth bass from Dixon Lake in San Diego County. The fish, which was later released tipped the scales at an incredible 21.69 pounds, ranking as the fourth largest bass ever caught and missing the world record mark by just a hair over a half-pound.

Guide Steve Kilpatrick (right) helped tame this enormous tarpon with a 5/0 SSW hook. This is the only 200lb. plus tarpon ever landed with a fly rod.
Jeff Harris (right) caught this 62 lb.Fall Chinook on a #1 SSW. The jaws opened to 12". Jason Bilyeu (left) caught two 30 lb. chinook in the same hole with the same hooks.
Captian Bill of Hallbloxom, VA caught this 50 lb. redfish with the help of a 7/0 SSW.
Shana Juarez used an SSW to fight this beautiful King Salmon in Tillamook Bay.
Down in South America, this angler utilized a Tango Dancer 115 in the Gold Shad pattern to get the best of this Peacock Bass.
Guide Al Dopirak and Tom Evans set a new world record for the 16lb. fly tippett class. This 190.6 lb. tarpon was caught on a 4/0 Aki hook with Steve Kilpatrick's Brown Death fly pattern.
15 year old Sarah Murphy caught these two steelhead on the Clackamas River with Red #4 SSW's.
Galen Jensen caught this 18.62 lb. monster bass using a 5/0 Owner Offset Wide Gap hook.  The catch was made in Febuary  2002 and is the largest bass ever caught at the Sacramento/San Joaquin Delta.  Said Jensen, "thank goodness I had an Owner Hook on the end of my line."
Captain Tom Lee and his wife Darlen on the American Angler with 90 lb. Bluefin Tuna.  These fish were taken with Owner Flyliner #1 Hooks.
Brad Stout landed this 27 lb. Lake trout (largest ever caught in California) at Donner Lake in March 2002.  An ST-41 Owner Treble hook was used on a homeade jig.
A 5/0 Super Mutu was the weapon of choice for Gary Gillingham.  This dolphin fish was caught at La Paz in Baja Mexico.

Erik Johnson used a #2 red Cutting Point SSW Hook to catch this beautiful 20 lb. Steelhead. 
This bass is one of many caught by Ann Rice on her trip to El Salto Lake near Mazatlan, Mexico.
Lake Casitas produced this fine 9.6 Lb. Bass.  Barabra Stella of American Plastic worms used a #1 Owner Down Shot hook with 6 lb. test to wrestle the fish to the boat.
Zane Stotesbury is quickly becoming a media star as he needs two hands to hoist his  bass.
In December of 2001, on Lake Farfield (Texas),  Les Pratt casted out a Cultiva Mira Vibe.  What he thought originally was a stump turned out to be a 26.06 lb.  redfish.  The fish qualified as the 8 lb. line class world record with the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame.  He said of the catch, "without an Owner Hook, I would not have landed the fish." 
This 50 pound (55 inches long) Yellowtail was caught on a #4 Gorilla Hook by Andre Weckstrom of Santa Barbara.  The fish was caught abord the 'Top Gun' out of Fisherman's Landing, San Diego.  Andre said of the catch, "I couldn't beleive that such a small hook could catch such a big fish."  
Brian Buddell with his record (at the time) 79 pound yellowtail caught with a 4/0 Super Mutu circle hook.
This angler's christmas present was a 40 lbs. Yellowfin Tuna caught on a 1/0 Owner Mutu Circle Hook.
Mr. Sufix brought in this 84 lbs. Cubera on an Owner Gorilla Hook.
Tim Juarez of T & S Guide Service caught a pair of steel head using Cutting Point SSW Hooks.
Wayne Stetter of Milwaukee, Wisconson tamed this 33", 16.43 lbs. walleye with the aid of an Owner Walleye Plus Snell.
Don Heimark of La Habra Heights gave this 71 lbs. dorado a fight using the new 4/0 Ringed Mutu Hook.  The fish was caught in Baja Mexico.
Capt. Dale Bittmer (left) and Jim Waterman happily display this 143 lbs. Yellowfin Tuna caught on a 5/0 Mutu Circle Hook.
Capt. Mike Hennessy of Costa Rica displays his hand an Owner 4/0 Mutu Circle Hooks
Warren Hibi tamed this Trout at Lake Dixon, California with the aid of an Owner Ultra Light Stinger Treble on a Thomas Buoyant.  This beauty weighed in at 11 lbs. 4 oz
Owner Circle Hooks almost always hook in the corner of mouth as is the case with this Albacore.
Captain Rob Hammer of Miami, Florida, used a 6/0 Owner "Super Mutu" circle hook to bait and subdue this huge 97-pound amberjack.
Brian Schulte of Aguanga, California had a great run out of San Diego, catching a yellowtail, yellowfin tuna, skipjack, two dorado, and to finish the afternoon off, this 91.2-lb. bigeye tuna - all on the same Owner 1/0 "Flyliner" hook. "I am sold on Owner hooks," says Brian. "They're sharp and very strong!"
Angler Christopher Isom of Whittier, California, fishing for albacore and bluefin tuna out of Newport Beach, rigged a live bait on a 2/0 Owner "Gorilla" hook and locked up in a 45-minute battle with this giant 131.8-pound Opah. "Thank you for putting together perhaps the perfect fishing hook," says Christopher.
"This is one of 20 tarpon we hooked and released over a two week period," says Captain Fred Van Den Broeck of Punta Gorda, Florida. "Thanks to the Owner 6/0 SSW Cutting Point hook," states Fred, "not one fish was lost to a hook pull or failure."