Owner Softbaits

Owner American Corporation has been in the United States fishing market for twenty years. We offer a full assortment of bass hooks to be used with all shapes and sizes of soft plastic baits. While we are very pleased with our growth in the hook business, we recognize a need in the market place that we feel we can satisfy. Currently hook makers make hooks, soft plastic bait makers make baits and rarely, if ever, does one attempt to match the other. There is no such product as the best hook, nor the best bait because the two must be matched and used together to form the perfect presentation.

OWNER SOFT BAITS are engineered for specific fishing techniques. We reference specific hooks to achieve different presentations with the same soft bait. Each package illustrates exact products, presentations  and techniques. What was unclear is now precisely clear.  OWNER SOFT BAITS match the highest quality hooks and baits to create the perfect combination for every fish catching technique.

March 2010 issue of Fishing Tackle Retailer proclaims
Owner Soft Bait Yuki Bug the "#1 Can't Miss Bass Lure"


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Yuki Bug
Shiver Tail
Shaky Worm
Ribeye Swimbait
Nervous Rex
Baby Yuki Bug
Wounded Minnow
JR Minnow