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And you'll never have to tell the story of the one that got away.

There's a feeling you get when you're going fishing. You get on the boat and the only thing between you and the fish is water. Each time you cast, the sound of nature drowns out the noise, you feel a rush of anticipation - it's all about that tug at the end of the line - so set the hook!

Get an Owner Hook and clear the deck.

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it's the end of the line for these guys.

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right place, right hook, right here.

Fish Guts & Glory.

Fish with Owner. They Do.

  • Buzz Ramsey

    Professional for over 20 years
    a cold water sport fishing authority
    "I use Owner hooks because they are the sharpest, strongest, best quality hooks available, and because they help me land more and bigger fish,"
  • Cliff Prince

    9 years as a pro
    favorite fishing styles is finesse fishing
    "As a professional I look to have the best in everything I need, one of the most essential tackle needed is "the hook", and Owner Hooks builds the best, the sharpest & the strongest. I am grateful to be part of the team!"
  • Brian Latimore

    Professional for 2 years
    favorite fishing styles is finesse fishing
    "Owner not only has the sharpest hooks available but they also have the strongest tensile material which is equally valuable in securing good hook penetration."
  • Rachel Cato

    Guide for 11 years
    Taught herself how to guide and catch different species.
    "I use owner hooks because they are a high quality reliable hook for all species."
  • Terry Mulkey

    Guide for 20 years
    Has improved his catch-ratio with Owner Hooks
    "When it comes to hooks, I use Owners for the simple reason - they are the sharpest and strongest hooks I have ever used and they help my clients catch more fish. I always tell fishermen, Use Owner hooks once and they sell themselves. They are the best!"
  • Cody Meyer

    Professional for 8 years
    Almost went to a culinary school
    "I use Owner Hooks because every bite counts! I need the very best Hooks on the market to help me landed each and every fish!"

A Legacy Of Perfection.
49 Years In Business. 1121 Different Hooks. 29 Patents. Endless Fish Stories.